Do not despise the days of small beginnings
Many years ago…
What started as a light-bulb moment soon became a lifelong dream for a husband and father of three. A dream to be self-employed, in control and responsible for your own career, provide a better future for your family and most of all be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.

This dream would leave a legacy - I was part of that!

Many amazing stories start with a now - or - never moment… one moment when opportunity comes knocking and you risk it all for a dream. This dream, now trading as Sunshine, started in a tiny factory at the residence of Mr & Mrs Holmes. Here they manufactured liquid gold. A sweet burst of orange flavour that puts a sparkle in your eye and a dimple in your cheek. This was and still is, the C-eriously Refreshing Orange Squash, called Sunshine, a welcomed family friend to all that picked it off the shelf. The garage was the warehouse, the carport housed the bottle storage unit and the front entrance room was the sugar store. A spare bedroom became the office and the family car was the delivery vehicle.

Pursuing your dream will always involve sacrifice, but it is a most noble sacrifice. Here we are today, 18 odd years and 3 smaller factories later, in awe of what a single dream can become and the ripple effect it can have on so many people. We are more than our products and services… We are dream chasers and hope givers... We are family…

So as the next generation prepares to continue the journey, the dream has evolved. A dream where more people can be responsible for their own future, provide for their families - even better than before and be able to look back one day and say -I was part of that!

Urban Heroes is our new dream that we have made a reality. Urban Heroes is about being a hero in your own world, chasing dreams and giving hope! Click on the Urban Heroes tab for more info.